Getting Your Vape Kit Right The First Time

dimsYou have decided to get into vaping but are not sure how to proceed. What type of device do you need for the best results? As vaping grow exponentially in popularity, so does the number of e-cigarette kits. Trying to settle on one can be overwhelming, even for a regular vaper. Buying a starter kit is more convenient for a beginner because it solves the problem of having to pick every component separately. The vaping kit you use will dictate the experience so you want assurances that it will be a pleasant one. Understand the different types of devices on the market and what they offer users. If you are thinking about getting Vapir Prima, for example, gather relevant Vapir Prima information such as reviews to make an informed choice.

What does a Basic Kit Contain

Basic kits are simple and tailored to the beginner who may not have a use for too many accessories. EVOD and eGo kits are some that fall into this class. They have a design similar to a biro pen and include a refillable top bit. Rather than get a pre-filled cartomizer, you can refill the top part of the device and then dispose of it after a while. Users have the option of picking their flavors, which offer variety. A starter kit will also come with a battery and USB charger.

Your Vaping Preferences

Avoid buying vaping kits that will disappoint you after spending good money on them. Even if you are a beginner, decide how much you will be vaping. The frequency of your vaping will determine the right vaporizer capacity. Don’t splurge on a 600+ puff device when a 300 one is more than sufficient. Will your smoking be confined to your home or do you prefer to do it while on the go? This preference will tell you the right weight and size of a vaping kit.

The number of batteries you will need for your vaporizer is another consideration. An avid vaper may need two batteries, so an extra one is always on standby when one runs out. Two batteries are also suitable if you smoke outside and may not have access to a charging port throughout the day. Don’t forget to set a budget when getting an e-cig kit. Vaping devices and accessories can cost you a considerable amount, especially when you don’t have a limit. Whether you are getting a disposable or refillable device, stick to options in your price range.

Types of Vape Kits

Vaping devices are not all built the same, and some are more suitable for beginners while others are made for veterans.

Cig-a-likes are highly recommended for a person who is just switching to vaping. They are some of the simplest devices to use and are affordable. Because they are lightweight and small, a cig-a-like vaping device is easily portable, making it perfect for vaping on the go. The vaporizer looks like a regular cigarette where the top is the battery and the bottom the cartomizer. The bottom part (mod) is responsible for holding the e-juice or e-liquid and the heating element. Once the e-juice vaporizes completely, you replace it, and after a while, you switch the cartomizer for a new one. When you inhale on a cig-a-like, the battery activates, causing the heating coil to vaporize the e-juice.

Refillable tanks are the other option to look at when getting a vape kit. The difference of this vape device from a cig-a-like is that it contains a tank for storing the e-liquid. Due to the space occupied by the clearomizer tank, a refillable vaporizer is larger than a cig-a-like. Its size allows for a bigger battery, meaning the device lasts a long while before it needs recharging. Once you replenish the e-juice from the starter kit, you have to refill it. It may take a while to get accustomed to the process, though especially for a beginner. With a refillable vape device, you have the option of a replaceable heating coil or a disposable tank.

Vaporizers can come with a host of features like button and LCD screens to provide more satisfactory performance. For a beginner, it is best to wait until you can understand the functioning of a basic vaporizer before getting one with too many bells and whistles. Most manufacturers use regulated mods so that users don’t have to worry about safety when vaping.